Welcome to our online training section and congratulations on having made a fantastic career decision for yourself!

Our principle training is conducted at our offices and follows a logical modular format that is suitable both for those who have no prior knowledge of the industry and those requiring a refresher. The training modules can be viewed by clicking on the below button.

Access to this online facility is automatically included for those choosing our office based course, but clients can choose just to pay for online access if they so prefer.

The online training has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of the function and purpose of the Inventory Management industry as well as tutorials on how to carry out the processes required of an ‘Inventory Manager’.

Each learning stage is laid out in a deliberate, thought provoking manner in order to help your reactive understanding of the subject. We have included all of the relevant documentation you will need for the tutorials.

Remember that we are here to help and can be contacted with any questions by email for which you will receive a response within 24 hours (although generally much quicker). The email address you can use for this purpose is hello@im-online.co

Please note that you must register with us first and have your registration approved before you will be able to navigate into the online training modules.