Employee of the month!

I read an article this morning about a guy who voted his dog employee of the quarter, every quarter for the past year. He works from home with a total of 3 employees, himself and the 2 family dogs Meeka and Kya.

It may seem strange to people used to a conventional working environment but with more and more people opting or being encouraged to work from home and for those of you who are self-employed, learning to stay focused and motivated can be a challenge. It’s like homework all over again! This guy seems to gain motivation and focus from knowing that his dog is going to be there with him. Some larger corporate environments have begun to see the benefits of the presence of pets and allow employees to bring their animals to work; this is something I wholly agree with.

Be it at home or in the office and whether it’s a dog, cat, parrot or guinea pig, there’s a lot to be said for the companionship a pet can provide. Our work environment is a little different, we are a small family run business. Currently there are 5 of us that spend time in our office base in Hertfordshire. Our time is split between office, site visits and working from home but with a guarantee that there are always 2 of us in the office during standard office hours. The constant in the being our MDs dog Silva and one of her 4 human colleagues (she’s not great at answering the phone)!

Silva has been part of the team since our MD bought her as a pup so the office is as much her home as her house. We endured the chewing and accidents together! I don’t how many people have experienced working with somebody who really enjoys their job, but it changes everything. They come into work happy every day, have a great day and leave feeling productive and like they contributed. They have a positive influence on most people around them. They notice when you’ve had a rough meeting or call, they can tell when you’ve woken up in a mood and tend to know the best way to snap you out of it. People happy in their job seem to be a rarity, more so every day.

Silva loves her job! She is chief in charge of warm welcomes, motivation, positivity and healthy break times. She arrives at work absolutely delighted to see us and never fails to do the rounds to say good morning to everyone who is here when she arrives. Every single guest throughout the day receives an equally warm welcome to her place of work. Had a bad call, 100% guaranteed that she has noticed your change in temperament and is sat next to your desk with a ball ready to distract you just long enough for you to regain your composure or a stale piece of cheese which she stashed away 3 days ago as a gift for just such a moment. To top it off, she’ll never shy away from a walk or food, so the minute you get up our little shadow will follow you around in hope of either water, food or a walk. I challenge anyone to seriously tell a pup that it isn’t walkies time. None of us take more than 15 minute breaks at any point through the day but we take a few of them and one will be to walk her, meaning we leave our desks and stretch our legs often and at least once a day we get some fresh air.

Imagine if every work place, be it office or home, had a dog!

Now imagine what you could achieve if every company had a chief in charge of warm welcomes, motivation, positivity and healthy break times! I’d love that job, seriously! Someone to pick you up when you are down and offer you continued mental support in order to achieve the best you have to offer. Someone encouraging you to get up and take a break. Someone who takes the time to greet you when you arrive and waves goodbye whilst expressing their excitement to see what tomorrow brings…

I know, ground breaking right. For now I’d just like to crown our Employee of Month with a promise that I’ll try to be as good an employee as her.

Chief in charge of warm welcomes, motivation, positivity and healthy break times – Silva, thanks pooch!

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