Aims and Objectives

The purpose of our training facility is to provide the participant with the key technical knowledge of the processes involved in the Inventory Managers role. The templates and documentation provided also act as a teaching method as they have been organically designed and improved to ensure that each area of a property is sought and described.

By the end of the training modules and reflective period, we would expect participants to be able to competently and confidently:

· Create full and detailed Inventory reports

· Be able to follow templates logically and thoroughly without losing concentration

· Be able to spot the differences between what they see and what they read

· Be competent in using a dictation machine and digital camera

· Be comfortable in explaining their role to tenants and landlords

Learning outcomes

The training stages have been split into sections in order to cover the different types of report function that will be required of you on a day to day basis. 

We are working on the assumption that most participants will have no prior experience in the Inventory Management sector - but will have done some basic research into the services that are supplied.

After training

Once participants have completed all of the learning stages we strongly suggest going through a reflective period to think back over what has been learned. Alongside this reflection we recommend practising the new skills and knowledge in a ‘safe’ environment – such as friends and family property where there is no pressure or time restriction.

Two choices are then available to the participant – either to join the Inventory Management Online (IMO) network or start trading by themselves.