Course costs and schedules

Inventory Management Part 1 – Full Day - £200+VAT

  • What is an inventory, what is it’s purpose

  • The role of an inventory clerk

  • Creating an inventory

  • Check In

  • Check Out

  • Schedule of Condition

  • Best Practice

  • Photographs & Video

  • Dealing with landlords & tenants


Inventory Management Part 2 – Full Day - £200+VAT

  • Interim inspections

  • What should be described

  • Structuring your descriptions

  • How to approach a check out

  • Inventory administration

  • Designing & using templates


Running your Inventory Business – Full Day £300+VAT

  • Business options – franchising, networks, independent & freelancing

  • Booking procedures and software

  • Managing your time

  • Quoting and building a price list

  • Marketing ideas

  • Invoicing & expenses

  • Office set up – best practice


Half Day on Site Training - £120+VAT

A half day on site training with one of our full time clerks. We would recommend this to anyone planning on working as a clerk rather than other letting industry professionals training for information only. Due to the nature of this training we do not have set dates, your training will be arranged directly with you after booking and we will take into account your availability along with our inventory bookings in order to give you the most comprehensive on site training.


The Complete Package – All 4 courses booked together for £650+VAT

If you are confident that the inventory business is the career move for you, why not book all 4 courses together. You’ll get Parts 1 & 2, Running Your Business,On Site Training and a consultation with our MD to talk about our network opportunities. You'll also get a referral to ARLA to gain the relevant qualification and a half price 6 month refresher course.



Upon booking your first course you will be signed up to our membership scheme. You’ll receive our monthly newsletter keeping you updated with changes in legislation, industry trends and further best practice tips. You’ll also be entitled to 15% discount on any further courses booked with us.

Online training facility

We have also developed an online training facility for which access is automatically provided to any candidate who signs up to one of our courses. Access to the online training alone is also possible upon payment of £150 using our payment function. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you a username and password to access this part of the site.