Corporate Training services

The UK property market is in a state of constant flux - with most sectors undergoing organic growth as a result of both domestic and international business influences. A good example is the build to rent sector, which has been a very popular American model for a number of years and has seen a recent surge in UK activity - with big UK based companies developing huge schemes for both the student and professional tenant markets. 

Making those international business models fit within UK legislation and general practices can be a steep learning curve and often require comprehensive training from sector experts. IMO is a subsidiary of HAUS Asset Management, who's team is made up of highly experienced individuals who can offer various types of training on a consultancy basis, to ease the curve and assist during any transition process.  

Our training processes are designed to work for both individuals and teams, and whilst the core subject remains constant - we can create bespoke add on's to suit the clients specific requirements. 

Below is a list of areas that we can offer training on - this is list is not exhaustive though and we will be regularly adding areas when we identify the need to do so. Please contact us if you have a need that is relevant to our existing areas but not specifically mentioned, and we will do our best to assist / advise. Please click on the titles to navigate to further information.

  1.  Inventory Management

  2.  Pre-completion snagging

  3.  Property health checks / Interim inspections

  4.  Furniture quality control sign off

  5. Asset tagging

Prices vary depending on the client's specific requirements so please call us for an estimate.